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Árpád Szenes

Serigrafia de Árpád Szenes, https___static.wixstatic.com_media_a76fd


Dimensions:7 x 8 cm 


Reference: AS0001
PVP:€430 w/ frame

About Árpád Szenes

Fotografia de Árpád Szenes

1897: Born on the 6th of May

1913: He finished secondary school and brought together intellectuals, artists and musicians in his home. He ends up entering the Free Academy of Budapest, a student of Rippl Ronnai. He became a Dadaist painter, sculptor and writer.

1916: Death of his father.

1919:   After the establishment of the Hungarian Soviet Republic, he became interested in Cubism, Futurism and Constructivism.

1922:   Holds his first exhibition of abstract paintings at the Ernst Museum in Budapest.

1925:   He moved to Paris and to survive he made caricatures in the cafés and cabarets of Montmartre.

Fotografia de Árpád Szenes & Helena Vieira da Silva

1928:  Meet Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, at the Academia da Grande Chaumière.

1930:    On 22 February he marries the painter Maria Helena Vieira da Silva.

1939:   Moves to Portugal with Maria Helena Vieira da Silva due to the pressure of events and the war, but quickly move to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

1978:   After several exhibitions between Paris, Portugal and Spain, he was awarded the Grand Cross of the Ordem do Infante D. Henrique.

1988:   On July 16, he receives the Grand Cross of the Ordem Militar de Sant'Iago da Espada.

1985 :   On 16 January he died in Paris.

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