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Diogo Navarro

Diogo Navarro


Dimensions:42 x 39 cm 


Reference: DN0001

Diogo Navarro

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: Canvas (40 x 40 cm) Frame (59 x 59 cm)


Reference: DN0002

Diogo Navarro

Technique:acrylic on canvas

Dimensions:43 x 33 cm 

Year: 2020 

Reference: DN0002
PVP: 800 € (with frame)

About Diogo Navarro

Diogo Navarro

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1973: Born in Mozambique

He is an artist especially interested in expressing the pictorial potential of various materials. His works on canvas or wood are made of a montage of materials in which light is often the main actor. He studied art (Nac. Belas Artes Society, in Lisbon), engraving, graphic design and virtual reality. He has exhibited his work in 37 individual and 80 group exhibitions.

2012: Wins first prize in "Image of
Russia", among 16 European artists, by the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow.
He is represented at the Portuguese Embassy of the Holy See, Vatican, in Rome, at the US Embassy in Lisbon, at the Portuguese Embassy in Kinshasa, at the Museum of Natural History and Science and at the Palácio da Ajuda National Museum, and at other embassies and museums in Europe. .

2013: Films with film director Philippe Teixeira Tambwe, in Mozambique, a documentary about the essence of language and its creative process, with different Mozambican artists.

2014: Awarded at the Vera World Fine Art Festival, in the category of painting - architectural innovation.

2015: Exhibits with 14 other artists in Venice, for
occasion of the International Year of Light. At the Instituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti – Palazzo Loredan. At the invitation of VICARTE, the Research Unit "Glass and Ceramics for the Arts" based on the campus of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The light and glass and their interaction are the subject of this exhibition from an artistic-scientific point of view.

2016: Paints with children in Ghana through
Associação Filhos do Coração and Fundação Touch a Life.

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