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Carlos Barocco

Carlos Barroco

Technique: silkscreen

Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm 

Reference: CB0001

PVP:  275 €

About Carlos Barroco

1946: Born in Lisbon, Carlos Barroco attended the António Arroio School of Arts, in the capital, and began to exhibit his works in painting in 1974.

1980: Founded Galeria Novo Século, in Lisbon, where he launched emerging artists.

In addition to painting, he also worked on installation, performance and multimedia works, having participated in group exhibitions in Portugal, Cape Verde, Japan, Belgium, Spain, Canada, and France.

He also dedicated himself to the collection of toys - part of them included in the Toy Museum of Seia, in the district of Guarda - and to mail art, on which he held several exhibitions.

His work is represented, among others, in the art collection of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, in Lisbon, and in the Museum of Modern Art in Vila Nova de Cerveira.



2015: Death in Lisbon.

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