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Margarida Guerra

Collection "Forty years of Quarantine"

Starting from a challenge, Margarida Guerra's dream came true!

During the period of confinement, in 2020, she designed the   Special Collection “Quarenta anos de Quarantine” composed of ten unpublished works.

Margarida Guerra, entrepreneur by nature and with the soul of an artist,  found an echo in the wills of Bibi, defiant and altruistic, of Nônô, strong and gentle, of Maria João, dreamer and lover of Vanda, shy and generous.


The best projects start like this: a meeting, reminiscences, friendship, ideas... and here comes, from the imagination of the artist and the hand, from several hands, the tales that contain the fortunes and misfortunes, the yearnings and fears, the small and best wishes that marked the lives of these five longtime friends e  expressed throughout this Collection ; " Covid-19 ", " The Big Bad Wolf won't let go of me ", " Naked and without frame ", " The Hug ", " Aismi Afrah ", " Today it rains...", " Narcissus ", " Fear?", " Transmutation" and "Reencounter".  

" Reunion"

Margarida Guerra

"Forty years have passed, without any of them dreaming or believing that life would bring them together again! Five beautiful and rare specimens! Some got married, started families, worked in areas for which they are really good! , loss of love, births, losses, joys and sorrows. But the biggest feeling remained: the LOVE FOR LIFE. The one who doesn't die or kill the good mood, the spirit of mutual help, respect for the other and the freedom to be emancipated women and very useful to the society that includes them. They chose the area of science to improve their professional knowledge, but it was in the school of life that they became masters! They learned to admire the colors of nature, the sounds of the sea, the songs of the wind and the tones of the sun and the moon. They are mature women, knowledgeable and still dreamers. They feed the soul of knowledge and learning, but they do not dispense with toasting to what brought them together and what leads them to develop a joint project in the art of drawing, painting, writing and eating and drinking. From Porto to the Algarve they intend to travel. They passed through Sintra, Caldas da Rainha, Cascais, Évora, Lisbon, Albufeira, Faro and even far away through Timor. Forty years have passed, without any of them dreaming or believing that life would bring them back together in a quarantine full of emotion and ART!"


Bibi Couceiro, April 17, 2020.

Technique: silkscreen

Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm (paper)  83.5 X 64.5 cm (frame)

Edition: 75 signed and numbered

Reference: MG0001

RRP:  €175 (without frame) €295 (with frame)

Margarida Guerra_Covid 19.jpg

Title: Covid-19  

Technique: Aguarela s/ tela  

Dimensions: 57 x 38 cm

Year: 2020

Reference: MG0002

RRP: 550 €

Margarida Guerra medo.jpg

Title: Medo  

Technique: Aguarela s/ tela Dimensions: 57 x 38 cm

Year: 2020

Reference: MG0004

RRP: 550 €

Margarida Guerra Despida sem moldura.jpg

Title: Despida sem moldura Technique: Aguarela s /  tela  Dimensions: 57 x 38 cm

Year: 2020

Reference: MG0007

RRP: 550 €

All works are accompanied by a story told by friends Bibi, Nônô, Maria João and Vanda e that you can learn about in detail in the book "The Bad Wolf Won't Let Go Of Me...", available here .

1964 : Born on October 23 in Chingola, Zambia.

1988 : Attends the Early Childhood Educators Course - ESE Jean Piaget.

1991 : Creator of Majora's game “Dente a Dentinho”, approved and granted the respective Copyright.

1993: Organizer and promoter of the Carnival Inter Escolas, in partnership with the Parish Council of Rio de Mouro.

1995 : Responsible and author of an Atelier Aberto project (dramatic expressions, plastic, musical, recreational activities, guided tours...), working in the Algueirão Parish Council, Mem Martins.

1996-2000 : Editor in the newspaper “Ponto de Encontro” of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

1997-2002 : Advisor at the Atelier and Art and Creativity of CECD (Education Center for the Disabled Citizen) – Mira Sintra.

1998-2002 : Advisor in the area of Plastic Expression / Painting in the Community Integration Project – PRIMAVERARTE developed by the Atelier of Art and Creativity of CECD Mira Sintra, together with Centro Lúdico de Rio de Mouro.

2000: Graduates in Psychology - Educational Area - Higher Institute of Applied Psychology


2004: Completes Post-Graduation and Specialization in Special Education – Cognitive and Motor Domain Universidade Moderna – Polo Lagoa (Algarve).


2004-2012: Creator and coordinator of the APEXA Art and Creativity Atelier.


2006-2018: Special Education Teacher at the Albufeira Poente School Group.


2011: Co-author of the project “VOLTA REDONDA – mural in tiles” at the Quinta da Balaia -Albufeira roundabout.


2012: Author of the project and its execution - Panel in Tiles in the parish of Algoz, inaugurated on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.


2012 – 2013: Member of the Comenius Project team “Tales from Here and There” .


2013: To mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, inauguration of an exhibition of wooden sculptures in Parque da Liberdade, in the center of the historic village of Sintra, as part of the "PrimaverArte" project.


2013 – 2014: Creator of Casa das Artes in the parish of Algoz, municipality of Silves.

Author of the Painting / Photography Contest - Rehabilitate through Art of the Association for the Support of the Exceptional Person of the Algarve (APEXA) with the support of the National Institute for Rehabilitation, DGARTES, ANCED, CMALBUFEIRA, ACCA, Secretary of State for Culture.


2018 - 2021: Special Education Teacher at the Albufeira Poente School Group and currently at the Algueirão School Group – Sintra

About Margarida Guerra

Margarida Guerra

Her existential experience has been enriched by a journey that catapulted her from Africa to Europe, and which also included a fleeting passage through Asia, allowing her to absorb the influences of the spaces traveled and the people with whom she lived and lives.

A self-taught plastic artist, Margarida Guerra soon discovered the appeal of paint and her teachers encouraged her to take up the arts. However, the purpose of life wanted her training to take her to the Childhood Educator and Psychology courses.  Currently, she works as a special education teacher in the municipality of Sintra .

"Her work reflects the mother essence, the strength of the earth, the mysteries that surround it, the multifaceted colors and the affections freed from shackles." Fatima Pires, psychologist.

Her creative side, to which she refers that "…my artistic world is made up of lines, colors and a source of feelings… ", does not have a path of continuity.

Since 1984, she has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions, and her work is represented in several private collections in Portugal and abroad.

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