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Helena Vieira da Silva

Serigrafia Helena Vieira Silva

Technique:  Serigraphy

Dimension:  9.5 X 35 cm

Edit:  -

Reference: HVS0001

PVP:  750 €

Serigrafia de Helena Vieira da silva

Technique:  Serigraphy

Dimensions: 59 X 44 cm

Edit:  -

Reference: HVS0002

RRP: 1450 €

About Helena Vieira da Silva

1908: Born on June 13, in Lisbon.

1956: Naturalized French.

1919: Ingressou na Academia de Belas-Artes, em Lisboa, onde estudou desenho painting. Motivada também pela escultura, estudou Anatomia na Faculdade de Medicina da University of Lisbon.

1928: She moved to Paris, where he studied with Fernand Léger, and worked with Henri de Waroquier (1881-1970) and Charles Dufresne. In Paris met her future husband.

1930 : Married painter Hungarian Árpád Szenes.

1933: Vieira da Silva authored a series of ilustrações for children who are a surprise in the whole of their work. Kô les deux Esquimaux”,is the title of a story for children invented by her.

1946 : She made numerous trips to Latin America to participate in exhibitions at the Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil (IAB).

1960: The French government awards her first decoration.

1966: She is the first woman to receive the Grand Prix National des Arts,

1977: On December 9th, she is awarded the Grand Cross of the Military Order of Sant'Iago da Espada.

1979: Torna-se Dama da Ordem Nacional da Legião de Honra de França 

1988: On July 16, she is awarded the Grand Cross of the Ordem da Liberdade.

1992: She died on 6 March in Paris.

To honor the memory of the couple of painters, the Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Foundation, based in Lisbon, and the Vieira Da Silva School, in Carnaxide, were founded in Portugal.

2013: The União Astronomica Internacional named a crater after her on Mercury.

If you enjoyed Helena Vieira’s work, you might also be interested in Leonor de Serpa Branco, Jaime Isidoro, João Fragoso and José Sousa Lara´s work.

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