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Miguel Barbosa

Miguel Barbosa



Technique: silkscreen

Dimensions: 47.5 x 63 cm

Year: 2007

Edition: 100 signed and numbered copies

Reference: MB0001

RRP:  250 €


Technique: Serigrafia

Dimensions: 43,5 x 29 cm

Year: 2003

Edition: 200 exemplares assinados e numerados

Reference: MB0002

RRP: 380 €

About Miguel Barbosa

Miguel Barbosa

As a paleontologist, together with his wife, he developed an important activity, having collected thousands of fossils and minerals, which they discovered in Portugal and sites they visited in Africa, the USA, Mexico and Brazil, in addition to those obtained in exchange with other paleontologists. He donated more than ten thousand of these pieces to the Municipality of Sintra, for the collection of a museum to be created. In August 2009, the Natural History Museum of Sintra was inaugurated, with these fossils.


He received several awards as a painter. Speaking only of silver and gold medals, he deserved:

  • Silver Medal Concours International 19ème Académie de Lutèce, Paris;

  • Chevalet d'or, Ambily, France;

  • Gold Medal Associacion d'Incentivo l'l'Elite, France;

  • Gold Medal for the "Best European Artist Selection" Chateau de Saint Victor, France.


He was appointed representative of Portugal at the art exhibition "Montmartre in Europe", Paris, 1996. 

On September 18, 2009, he was awarded the Jorge Amado Medal by the União Brasileira de Escritores, which was awarded at the Raimundo Magalhães Júnior Theater of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, in Rio de Janeiro, on October 30, 2009.

1925: Born on November 23, is a Portuguese fiction writer, playwright, painter and poet.


Son of a Brazilian mother and Portuguese father, he graduated in Economics and Financial Sciences, as it was commonly said, but, more accurately, he graduated in Finance from ISCEF - Instituto Superior de Ciências Económicas e Financeiras, today ISEG - Instituto Superior of Economics and Management, integrated at the University of Lisbon.

He quickly left this area to dedicate himself to letters and fine arts and paleontology, later revealing himself as one of the greatest Portuguese playwrights, as well as one of the most important painters of his generation.


His literary curriculum is exceptional, with around 80 titles. He wrote poetry, was a novelist and novelist (under the pseudonym J. Penha Brava), wrote detectives (under the pseudonym Rusty Brown) and dramas. His publications were banned by the Censorship of the Salazar regime. Effectively, on 18.01.08, he declared the following: “Many of my plays were banned by the Censorship and only years later could they be staged. I remember perfectly 'O Palheiro', a text of mine that for several decades the Teatro Experimental do Porto wanted to bring to the scene and later D. Maria, but the regime did not allow it”. 

He presented his artistic works in Portugal and in several foreign countries such as Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Spain, France, Italy and the USA.

1974 - 2003: Starts to exhibit in Barcelona (Spain), then in 1980 in Lisbon and the USA Subsequently, he started to exhibit practically every year, both in Portuguese and foreign spaces. The study of the curriculum of an exhibition of his in 1999 led to the conclusion that his paintings, in Portugal, were more often exhibited in spaces that were not galleries, while abroad, art galleries predominated. It is worth noting that year his participation in the group support for Alzheimer's Patients, Centro Cultural de Belém.  


He exhibited at Exposalão 2002 (Batalha), at PortoArte 2001 and PortoArte 2003 (Porto) with the painter José Barata de Castilho and in 2003 at FAIM - Feria de Arte Idependiente en Madrid, Stand “Portugal – “País Invitado” (the same Commissioner being painter). Also with them were Cruzeiro Seixas, Jaime Silva (painter), Manuel Cargaleiro, Manuel Casal Aguiar, Nadir Afonso, among other painters and sculptors. 

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