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Miguel Ángel Bedate

"Notes on the hunt" Collection

Apuntes em la caza, de Migel Badate
Apuntes en la caza

Reference:  MB0001

Especies de caza, de Migel Bedate
game species

Reference:  MB0002

Estudio de muffen, de Miguel Bedate
Mouflon Studio
Reference: MB0003

Caza de la recada de Miguel Bedate
message hunt

Reference:  MB0004

Final de la batida de Miguel Bedate
end of the beat

Reference:  MB0005

Caza menor de Miguel Bedate
Lesser Hunt

Reference:  MB0006

Recova de Miguel Bedate

Reference:  MB0007

El medalla de Miguel Bedate
El Medalla

Reference:  MB0008

Belloteando de Miguel Bedate

Reference:  MB0009

La berrea de Miguel Bedate
La Berrea

Reference:  MB0010

Furtivo de Miguel Bedate

Reference:  MB0011

Perrero de Miguel Bedate

Reference:  MB0012


Collection: " Apuntes en la caza", composed by  12 Sanguine Serigrafias

Dimensions:  65 x 60 cm

Year:  1998

Editing: -

PVP:   Collection (2200€) Single (200€)

Coleção Apuntes en la caza
Collection: " Apuntes en la caza"

"In this collection, Miguel Ángel Bedate reveals his passion for the most ancient activity of man, with an unusual sensitivity to capture the most important details of any gamer, discovering with his work this world reserved for the few experts who know how to see it. , while the rest of the people are sometimes of the opinion that a hunter has no sensitivity.


It is as if completing a remote cycle, Miguel Ángel Bedate draws the hunting sets as the first hunters did on the rocks of their shelters.


“En apuntes en la caza” we can appreciate the artist's extraordinary technique, his passion for hunting in the freedom of the countryside, drawing, in a very realistic way, the creatures of the universe and the surrounding environment.


I believe that with this collection it can be seen as a sea shell. If we put it on the sand, we can hear the joy of the dogs behind the cattle, the voices of the dogs, the shots, the roar of the mount..."

Juan J. Viola

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