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Serigrafias & Afins represents private collections of silkscreen prints by renowned plastic artists, both nationally and internationally. Our service is focused on the specifics of each client's taste. Whether your preference for abstract or figurative art, we provide the necessary advice through a specialized team, with the aim of bringing your home, office or any special corner to life. Before Buying or Selling Serigrafias, talk to us.

Guilherme Parente

We are ready to decorate your spaces as you always dreamed.


Make a safe investment and purchase art at competitive prices.


Challenge us!



Before investing, inform yourself and contact trusted professionals, who will be able to help you find the best solutions for your needs. The Serigrafias & Afins team provides a boutique service and puts the expertise of its team at your disposal.


Serigrafias & Afins represents a set of private collections of serigraphs, for sale, by renowned Portuguese and foreign artists.



Give beauty, life and value to your space, increasing your personal estate



The Serigrafias & Afins collection brings together artists with different origins and styles, with special emphasis on contemporary painting, with names such as: Augusto Barros; Carlos Calvet; Espieux; Gentle Man; Helena Vieira da Silva; José de Guimaraes; Jose Padua; Julius Orchard; Lima de Freitas; Maluda, Manolo Mantero; Nikias Skapinakis; Nuno de Siqueira; Paulo Ossião; Rico Sequeira; Rocha da Silva; Rodrigo Ferreira, among others.

Our collection can enrich your private painting collection, decorate the most exquisite spaces and also be a good suggestion for Christmas or Birthday gifts.


  • Art – Serigraphs, Engravings, Drawing, Watercolors and Gouaches.

  • Personalized artistic portraits – oil on canvas, Chinese painting on canvas and charcoal drawing on paper.

  • Frame service.

  • Editions of artistic serigraphs.

  • Protocols and Partnerships.

  • Wedding Lists.


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