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Lupi Manso

Serigrafia de Lupi Manso, Cascais


Title: Cascais

Technique: silkscreen

Dimensions: 50  X 70 cm

Editing: -

Reference: LM0001
PVP:  €285

About Lupi Manso

1921: Born in Lourenço Marques.

He was one of the pioneers of Banda Desenho portuguesa having published several drawings in newspapers such as "O Mosquito".

He worked in advertising in Lisbon and Madrid and later in serigraphy with his friend and painter António Winter, who produced all silkscreen editions of his works.

Owner of an unmistakable trait, he made some works a aguarela but it was in oil that he would achieve more prominent works.

With more than 2 dozen works exhibited in several galleries de Lisboa and many other editions in serigraphy was an artist who left his silkscreen printing paintings a very characteristic brand of Lisbon and do Alentejo.

His work includes paintings such as "A Janela", "Cacilheiro", "Baía de Cascais", "Vila Viçosa" and "Casa do Menino de Deus", whose silkscreen editions are out of print.

2000: Dies on January 20, in Lisbon.

If you are looking for more city themed art, take a look at Molina, Pantoja Rojão, Silva Palmeira and Pádua´s work. 

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