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Silva Palmeira

Serigrafia de Silva Palmeira, Luz de Rio



Title: Light of the River

Technique: silkscreen

Dimensions: 59 x 74.2 cm

Year: 2006

Edition: 200 signed and numbered copies

Reference: SP0001

RRP: €450 (with Passepartout)

Serigrafia de Silva Palmeira, Monsanto,



Title: Monast

Technique: silkscreen

Dimensions: 52 x 43.5 cm

Year: 2004

Edition: 200 signed and numbered copies

Reference: SP0003

RRP:  395 € (with Passepartout)

About Silva Palmeira

Fotografia de Silva Palmeira

1934: Born in Santarém, Silva Palmeira begins his artistic activity as a painter in 1948, in the field of ceramics, at which time he studies drawing and painting with Ramos Ribeiro.

He held his first exhibition in Goa and his first individual exhibition was in 1963, at the Santarém Tourism Hall.


1977: Creates the first cards for tapestry and shape, together with two other artists, the GIP group

1997: Receives, in Paris, the Mériteet Dévouemant Français Silver Medal and, in the following year, the Arts-Sciences-Lettres Bronze Medal.

He is represented in national and international collections, namely in the United States of America, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Germany, Holland, Norway, Scotland and England. In Portugal, the collections of the Civil Government of Évora and Santarém, the Municipal Tourism Commission of Nazaré, the Museum of Angra do Heroísmo - Autonomous Region of the Azores, the Sesimbra Gallery of the Hotel Ritz stand out. Lisbon, Academy of Arts of Montecatini. Italy, Portimão Gallery. Algarve, Municipal Sculptor Martins Correia Museum. Golegã, GAN Insurance Company. Lisbon, Madeira Regional Press. Funchal, Museum of Modern Art, Caixa Geral de Depósitos. Lisbon, GalerieHerouet. Paris, Portuguese Serigraphy Center with graphic work and Montepio Geral Collection.


His work, tending to be landscape, contains a visible illustrative component, translatable by figures built in geometric planes, flat colors, well-defined contours and contrasts of light/shadow that alternate abruptly.

If you are looking for more city themed art, take a look at Rosarinho Reis, Maluda, Molina and Guilherme Parente. 

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