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Leonel Moura

Artist ahead of his time, who, like no one else, treats robotics and artificial intelligence for you!
Leonel Moura
Leonel Moura
Title: voxel
Technique: Screen printing with augmented reality

Dimensions:40 X 40 cm

Edition:60 signed and numbered copies



PVP: 750 €

VOXEL is a screen printing multiple with Augmented Reality, created by the artist Leonel Moura and with technology from NextReality. 


Through the VoxelAR App, from the abstract composition of colored squares printed in serigraphy, a three-dimensional figure appears that literally jumps from the plane to fly through space.

Leonel Moura, who has stood out for the application of new technologies to artistic creation, thus reaffirms the idea that, like so many other services, art is also in the process of migrating to mobile phones.



Password: VOXEL45/20

Since Leonel Moura was the author of one of the most emblematic works of the second half of the last century, Amália from 1998, present in many collections, the artist was invited to create a new version for the centenary of the birth of the fado singer.
Leonel Moura
Title: New Amália
Technique: Silkscreen generated by an algorithm, combining patterns and colors.

Dimensions: 56 X 76 cm

Edition: 20 signed and numbered copies



PVP: 600 €

Referência: LM0002

Leonel Moura

Referência: LM0003

Leonel Moura

Referência: LM0005

Leonel Moura

Referência: LM0004

Leonel Moura

Referência: LM0006

Made for the Ullens Foundation, as part of the 2020 exhibition at the UCCA Museum in Beijing, the edition was created by the robot NEO. Using a combinatorial technique, although it is a multiple, each copy is unique.

Referência: LM0007

Leonel Moura
Title: NEO
Technique: Silkscreen

Dimensions: 70 X 70 cm

Edition: 25 signed and numbered copies



PVP: 2000 €

Leonel Moura

Referência: LM0008

Leonel Moura

Referência: LM0009

Leonel Moura

Referência: LM0010

Leonel Moura

Referência: LM0011

About Leonel Moura

Leonel Moura
Leonel Moura

1948:Born on December 26, in Lisbon, he is a renowned Portuguese artist whose work in the late 1990s moved from photography to artificial intelligence and robotic art. Since then, it has produced several Painting Robots and the Robotarium, a zoo for robots, the first of its kind in the world.

1978-1982:Collaborates in the magazine Arte Opinião 

2001:creates the first robotic arm that would allow him to create paintings generated by an algorithm, which he called ant algorithm. Two years later, in 2003, he began to explore “Painting Robots”, which over time became increasingly “autonomous and sophisticated”.  

2006:creates the RAP (Robotic Action Painter) for a permanent exhibition at the Museum of Natural History in New York. It is capable of generating paintings, autonomously deciding when it is ready and signing it. In the same year he created ISU (The Robot Poet), which generates poems and paintings with letters and words. 

For the artist:“I'm putting art on a different plane than most people still think art is, because they think it has to have intentions, because it has to do I don't know what. What I'm saying is that as an artist, by creating robots, I'm telling myself that I have to evolve, I can't keep holding on to the brush”

From Swarm Paintings to Lisboa Viral — one foot in the real and the other in the virtual  From the first paintings made by a robotic arm to the most recent app that Leonel Moura developed to see Lisbon with different eyes, his journey has traced by the steps he takes, which reflect the attention he pays to the times in which he lives. At the beginning of this millennium, he began to see potential in the use of robots, work that ended up being valued 17 years later with the sale of SP008 — a painting executed in 2002 that was the cover of the MIT scientific magazine "Artificial Life" in 2008 — for a collection private. 

Throughout his artistic career, he has exhibited in Portugal and abroad.

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