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Technique:Engraving on paper

Dimensions:37 x 56 cm

Edition:150 signed and numbered copies



About Dacos

1940: Born in Belgium, he made engraving, lithography and ceramic engraving. 

Author of hundreds of engravings, lithographs, offsets and serigraphs, the artist Dacos has been represented in numerous museums, having collaborated with poets, producing artists' books, which combine text and images.

He became Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Liège in 1973, when he received the City's Grand Prize for Engraving. Recognized as an excellent technician, he formed several generations of writers. He invested in collective artistic life through numerous organizations, including the “Nouvelle poupée d'encre”.

He has participated in numerous International Biennials, such as Venice, Florence and Grado Biella (Italy), Kraków (Poland), Ljubljana (Yugoslavia), Bradford (England), Frechen (Germany), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Cul des Sarts, Conde -Bonsecours and Liège (Belgium), Paris, Lyon, and Chamaillères Conflans Ste Honorine (France), Ibiza (Spain), Cerveira and Évora (Portugal), Maastricht (Netherlands), and even Györ (Hungary).
He also participated in international exhibitions in Lisbon, Estoril (Portugal), Wroclaw (Poland), Barcelona, Cadaqués (Spain), Belgrade (Serbia), Carpentras, Lyon, Uzes Torre Aigues Castillon (France), Brunssum (Holland) and München (Germany), among others.

Dacos collaborated with the Cerveira Biennial for more than 10 years, having been responsible for the engraving workshops not only at the Cerveira Biennials, but also in workshops organized during these years. Promoted with the Tree – Coop. of Artistic Activities in Porto, the exchange of engravers until 1995 and from that date with the Bienal de Cerveira, with a program of collaboration and internships that developed through the “Poupée d'Encre” Association, also based in Liège and of which he was President.
Master engraver, he contributed a lot to the development of printmaking in the North of Portugal and was co-responsible for organizing exhibitions at the Museum of Liège by Portuguese artists, in which he actively participated, not liking, however, writing about himself, which is why he we dedicate these lines.

2012: Death

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