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Serigrafia de Erró, Título Mikey


Title: Mickey

Technique: silkscreen

Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm

Year: 2003

Edition : 200 signed and numbered copies

Reference: E0001

PVP:  500 €

About Erró

Fotografia do artista plástico Erró

1932: Guðmundur Guðmundsson, better known as Erró, born in Ólafsvík, Iceland, on July 19, is a postmodernist painter.

1949 – 1952: Studied art in Norway and Italy, and resided in Paris, Thailand and the island of Formentera most of his life.

1958: Moves to Paris and meets the artists of the surrealist movement.


He is co-founder of the pictorial movement of Narrativa Figuração in France. Many artists participated in the emergence of this artistic style such as Valerio Adami, Hervé Télémaque, Peter Klasen.

His universe is made of comics, bringing together cartoon figures and historical despots.

It creates a visual shock, mixing a Walt Disney hero and a dictator.


His drawings are decidedly engaged and approach political and historical themes, to denounce and criticize events.

His works have marked the history of art and are present in museums around the world and serve as references in narrative figuration and collages.

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