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Duarte Botelho

Nair Leite Basto

Title: "The Colors of My Soul".
A door closes, a window opens.


Dimensions:36 X 39 cm 

Edition:100 signed and numbered copies



“Amar Amarante"

They are forgotten shadows

Deleted memories

They are promised lands

Lands loved by me

Amarante, my land

Without you I can't live

Only you create dreams

I just want to die...

Only you deserve the body.

The soul and all my being...

This song that packs you

Melts my heart

Make a cut in time and life

Giving me all the inspiration...

Makes me want to cry

Makes me want to smile

Makes me want to scream

But I don't feel like running away.

Amarante, my land

Without you I can't live

Only you I belong to you

I just want to belong to you.


“Amarante, my love…”


On the balcony of my room

I hear the river murmur

Run to your destination

Looking forward to returning...

There are no stars to see

No dreams to tell,

There is only my river,

The bridge, the church...

And São Gonçalo in the moonlight.

Amarante, Sao Goncalo

I was born to love you

Your river, your people

I don't want to separate.

In this sleeping soul

To never wake up

tear by tear

A river forms

that promises

Don't abandon us

In joy, in sadness

In love, in solitude

In this flame that unites us

amaranth to the heart


About Nair Leite Basto

Nair Leite Basto
Nair Leite Basto

1953: Born in Lisbon on 16 April.

1995 - 1998:Training in Painting by Professor Júlio Cunha, at the Atelier d'Artes e Ofícios,

1994 – 1996:Collaboration in local newspapers in Amarante, in Amarante Magazine, with poems by Nair.


1995 – 2010:Realization of 5 Individual Painting Exhibitions and participation in seven Group Exhibitions. between the years 1995 and 2010.


1998:Participation of the cast of the Theater Play “O Doido e a Morte”.




- Collaboration in the creation of the website APVT – Association of Teachers of EVT – 2007.

- Course for Basic Education Teachers, 2nd Cycle variant of Visual and Technological Education, Degree – Higher Institute of Education Jean Piaget, Canelas Vila Nova de Gaia.


2022:Participation in the Illustration Contest, for the book “Avô Minguante”, promoted by Pingo Doce.

1966: As a teenager, he begins his first studies of drawing with the painter Miguel Arruda.


  • Participation in the “Amostra de Criatividades”, in the Cloisters of S. Gonçalo, in Amarante, in June.

  • Participation in the “Cultural Week of Lousada”, in Aparecida, in Lousada, in October).

  • Participation in the collective exhibition of “Alunos do Atelier D'Artes”, at the Parish Council of S. Gonçalo, in Amarante, in December.



  • Participation in the “Exhibition / Sale of Paintings and Crafts”, in Leça da Palmeira, in April

  • Participation in the “Amostra de Criatividades”, in the Cloisters of S. Gonçalo, in Amarante, in May



  •  Participation in andxposition of Manifesta/98, in the “Praça da Cultura” of Escola Secundária de Amarante, in November



  • Painting exhibition “Mistério da Cor”, at Fala-Só, an Intercultural Association located in Bairro Alto, Lisbon, in March.

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